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Old Hand and Ink

Small Business Of The Week

Welcome to the Entrepreneur Headquarters (ENHQ) Small Business of the Week page! Each week, we'll feature one small business from across the United States that exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and resilience that define our ENHQ community.

Old Hand and Ink

Old Hand & Ink

In an era where the digital realm often overshadows the tangible, the unique charm of handmade art retains a special place in the hearts of many. Among those keeping this charm alive is Becca Young, an artist whose proficiency in watercolored sketches and gift-wrapping services brings a touch of color and joy to her community.

In the heart of creativity and craftsmanship lies a story of transformation and passion. This week, our Small Business of the Week spotlight shines on Kristen Kelly Leather Goods (KKLG), a marquage painting business that breathes new life into luxury designer pieces.


Veteran-Owned Business


Innovative Beauty Design

In the heart of Murrieta, a sanctuary of beauty and relaxation awaits you. This week, Entrepreneur Headquarters is thrilled to spotlight Innovative Beauty Designs, a haven where artistry meets skincare, and where every client is treated like royalty.

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Hair by Pri

In the heart of our bustling community lies a serene oasis of beauty and transformation, led by the talented Priyanka of Hair by Pri. This week, Entrepreneur Headquarters is thrilled to spotlight this remarkable business that has been making waves in the beauty industry.


Lightning Laser Cuts

At the heart of the entrepreneurial spirit lies innovation, dedication, and the courage to take risks. This week, Entrepreneur Headquarters (ENHQ) is thrilled to spotlight a business that embodies all these qualities and more: Lightning Laser Cuts.


Nod Ya Head Entertainment

In the world of entertainment, where passion meets expertise, "Nod Ya Head Entertainment" and Robert Guillen are the names to remember.

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Packin' Momma Society

In the bustling streets of our community, a remarkable small business is making waves and ensuring safety in the most empowering way possible.


Sassy Bakes By Norah Joan

Join us in celebrating Lauren's extraordinary journey of baking, tradition, and empowerment. Your taste buds will thank you, and your heart will be warmed by the goodness behind every bite.


Sacred Skin Studio

In the heart of Southern California, a special place of healing and transformation awaits those burdened by the weight of scars and stretch marks. Welcome to Sacred Skin Studio, where traditional tattoo artistry gives way to a thoughtful, ink-less process designed to rejuvenate and mend.

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